eHarmony: Online Dating Site Review

eHarmony: Online Dating Site Review

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Christopher calls itself the first online dating website to use a scientific approach to matching couples. The founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, observed certain characteristics that seemed to be present in all successful relationships. He called them the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility, and from those grew eHarmony and the 29 DIMENSION® model the site is based upon. Are eHarmony’s features and the unique method it takes towards matching the right ones for you?

Dr. Warren is a clinical psychologist who performed extensive research about relationships and compatibility. His process to matchmaking identified 29 dimensions of good relationships by asking questions about certain traits and attributes. The first step in the process is completing a relationship questionnaire and getting a free personality profile. This relationship questionnaire is, eHarmony states, what makes it different from other dating websites out there. The questionnaire includes queries such as ranking your agreement with the statement “I get angry easily” or multiple-choice questions such as choosing your denomination.

After the questionnaire, eHarmony provides a free Personality Profile that gives information on what you need in a partner, how you perceive yourself, etc. eHarmony then provides a list of matches that are compatible for you. eHarmony prescreens the matches to ensure compatibility based on the 29 Dimensions. (eHarmony does sometimes reject an applicant who is an addict or depressed or considered not happy and in control of their lives, considering these applicants to not be ready for a relationship.)

eHarmony then offers Guided Communication to help the user as they get to know his or her possible match, which involves reading the “About Me”, choosing from a list of questions eHarmony provides to ask, and exchanging a list of “must-haves” and “can’t stands”, twice. After this process users can go to Open Communication. Users can also skip the guided communication and use the private mail directly in contacting another person.

The eHarmony compatibility system chooses the matches, therefore the user can not look or search through the database of profiles by him or herself.

There is a free trial available and there are also promo codes and discounts available up to 20%. To use the services, eHarmony member smust be subscribed. The Basic Plan costs $59.95 for a month, $39.95 per month for 3 months, and $29.95 a month for 6 months, or $19.95 a month for a year. The Total Connect plan, which includes secure telephone conversations, personality evaluation and explanation, and Potential Partner ID verification, costs $44.95 a month for 3 months, $33.95 a month for 6 months, and $23.95 a month for a year.

eHarmony also features a page with online dating tips, advice on date ideas, dating quizzes, and dating advice boards.

eHarmony has a huge amount of success stories, claiming that it is responsible for 5% of marriages in America. Many couples on eHarmony say that they had almost given up, that the compatibility testing really works and measures what little things go into a relationship; others have mentioned that they have tried, given up, and retried eHarmony for a few rounds before finding their perfect match.

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