Free Dating Online - Plenty of Fish Reviews

Free Dating Online - Plenty of Fish Reviews

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Angela claims more visits than any other site, basing its success on an advanced matching system. Does this unique system, created by a man who won the Fields Medal for math, make Plenty of Fish the best dating website? We’ve explored the many features of Plenty of Fish to help you understand whether it is the best tool out there for you to perhaps meet the romantic partner of a lifetime and help you dive into the sometimes-turbulent ocean of love.

Plenty of Fish has a match making process that begins with the user taking a chemistry test which measures five factors: Self-Confidence, Family Orientation, Self-Control, Social Dependency/Openness, and Easygoingness. POF stresses how these five factors are what go into making a successful relationship, and measures how comfortable an individual feels with him or herself, how family-oriented the user is, how much self-control the user shows in both his or her life and the lives of others, how much a person will open up and depend on other people, and how relaxed and easygoing a person is. The site then uses a statistical model to generate matches.

The user can also take a Relationship Needs Assessment test that will give the details of the user’s needs—both overt and hidden—in a relationship; the user is then provided with customized Action Plans to meet their needs.

Plenty of Fish offers search functions that are by age and location, or by zodiac sign, relationship intent, and other features. PlentyOfFish also gives a “Will Respond” list of users most likely to respond. The Meet Me function is a way to quickly go through users and select whether or not whether you would like to meet the opposite party; this involves “Viewers who want to meet you”, “Users you want to meet”, and “Mutual Meet Me”.

Plenty of Fish offers private and instant messaging, virtual roses, hottest girls, ULTRAmatch, the tests mentioned above, a favorites list, a “who will you marry” tool, and a few other features. Although one of the pluses of Plenty of Fish is that many of its features are free, as opposed to other websites which require a monthly subscription fee to do much besides browse profiles, Plenty of Fish has an upgraded membership available which many of the features require—for example, those with a paid membership show up first on the Meet Me section.

The membership upgrade includes the ability to add profile themes, use ULTRAmatch, see who has viewed your profile, send unlimited e-mail gifts, receive credits for placing gifts on profiles, and see if your emails were read or deleted.

The upgraded membership on Plenty of Fish costs $35.40 for three months $35.40 ($11.80 a month), $510.00 for 6 months ($8.50 a month), and $81.40 for a year ($6.78 a month.)

Though POF has received some criticism that its matching system is not specific or detailed enough, the site has a plethora of success stories. The site has pages and pages of success stories, a plain list of photographs and short text blurbs made by happy couples who have succeeded in finding a match with Plenty of Fish.

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