Free Personal Ads: Craigslist Personals Review: The Good,Bad & The ?

Free Personal Ads: Craigslist Personals Review: The Good,Bad & The ?

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Amanda

In this modern age of technology, many people have turned to online dating sites as a means of finding a potential partner. Craigslist, a renowned website known for connecting people for business or personal activities, has become one of the most popular sources for finding dates. Users are able to post and respond to free personal ads in the personals section. Unlike many other dating websites, Craigslist is able to generate fast responses from numerous users. Plus, users are able to make connections with others in their local area. This Craigslist personals review will help to inform potential users of the process.

Specific Categories

Users can find anything from long-term relationships to casual encounters with just a few clicks. Certain categories have been created in order to cater to users' specific desires:

Men Seeking Women -This category contains a mixture of men who are looking for different types of connections. Mature divorced men and single fathers frequently post ads in this section in order to find a suitable woman for a long-term relationship. This category also contains men who are looking for a quick fling with an available woman.

Women Seeking Men -Successful women who are looking to share their lives with quality men often post free personal ads in this section. Most of these women are confident and are direct in what they desire.

Men Seeking Men -Gay and bisexual men frequently use this section to find steady relationships, quick flings or party buddies. This section is especially beneficial to men who live in areas where being "out" is not fully accepted. These men are able to connect discretely without the scrutiny of others.

Women Seeking Women -Similar to the "Men Seeking Men" category, gay and bisexual women are able to connect in a more discrete manner. Most of the women who post in this section are typically looking for relationships with long-term possibilities.

Casual Encounters -This category is reserved for people who are looking for gay or straight encounters with no strings attached. This is definitely not an ideal category for those who are looking for a long-term relationship.

Misc Romance -This category contains a mixture of all types of desired relationships and dating arrangements.

Missed Connections -Users who noticed someone to their liking while out in public but were perhaps too shy to start a conversation can post an ad to this section in hopes that the person will see it.

Strictly Platonic -People who do not desire a sexual relationship or just want to take things slowly will find this category to their liking. People often post to this category just looking for new friends.


The Craigslist personals section has dealt with controversies throughout the years. Craigslist has often been used as a marketplace for prostitution, the exploitation of minors and other forms of sex trafficking. In 2009, Craigslist decided to eliminate its "Erotic Services" section in the U.S. amid concerns of prostitution and other abuses by users. The site subsequently eliminated its "Adult Services" section in 2010 over similar concerns. Due to the elimination of these controversial categories, many adult workers now post their ads in other personals categories under the guise of dating or "massage" ads.

Despite these controversies, the Craigslist personals section continues to thrive as a well-known dating medium. Many people who desire meaningful long-term relationships continue to use the site in hopes of meeting their perfect match.

Posting an Ad

As previously mentioned, Craigslist allows users to post ads for free. Users will not have to fill out a "chemistry test" or profile in order to use the service. The ad itself will be the only initial piece of information that other users will see when they are browsing through the sections.

To post free personal ads, users will first need to create a free account with the site. This simply involves providing a valid email address, working telephone number and a password. Users will then receive an automated phone call giving them a secret pass code. This pass code will be required to be entered on the site in order verify the authenticity of the new account. Once the account has been verified, users can begin posting ads.

There are different methods users can employ to make their ads stand out from the rest. A catchy headline often does the trick. Posting face pics is another way to generate interest in an ad. The right ads can get numerous responses from locals.

If a user is interested in an ad, they can click on an anonymous email link to contact the person. It is advised not to post personal information in ads such as telephone numbers, last names or home addresses.

Helpful Tips

For those who wish to use the service, these helpful pieces of advice and precautions are being included in this Craigslist personals review in order to make users' experiences the most successful:

* Since the service is free, many people may respond to an ad with intentions different than what an ad specifies. People may be looking for different types of dating arrangements or charitable donations.

* Users who post their pictures might use older images in order to present a more attractive appearance. In worse case scenarios, users might post pictures of others while lying about their true identities.

* Scammers can be weeded out by exchanging short emails. If money is requested, it is likely that these people are not being truthful about their relationship intentions and are only in it for a quick payoff.

* Since ads are not screened by Craigslist staff prior to posting, it is easy for people to lie about personal details and intentions.

* Face-to-face meetings should take place in public venues during the initial stages. It is advisable not to go to someone's home or hotel room during the first meeting.

* Safe sex practices should always be used when meeting someone from the site.

* Setting up a separate email account for Craigslist responses is often helpful. If an ad is popular, numerous emails may be received. These emails can clutter email accounts used for business and other purposes.

This Craigslist personals review has hopefully shed new light on the good, bad and questionable aspects of the site. The Craigslist personals section is one of the best ways to meet new people. People who are on a limited budget will find this free service particularly beneficial. The service, however, is not always the most reputable due to the fact that no background information is provided on users and website tracking is not available to show who has been using the site. Despite these risks, many people are able to find their perfect match through Craigslist.

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